Orlestone Oak

Orlestone Oak Commercial Buildings

Arthur's Coffee Shop Boughton Golf Course Club House Alkham Garden Centre
Coffee Shop and Tea Rooms Golf Course Club House Garden Centre
Commercial buildings
Commercial and public oak framed buildings create memorable and special places much loved by workers and visitors alike.
As well as adding character and quality to a building, our traditional oak beam construction techniques create unobstructed open spaces with unlimited layout potential. 
Once an oak frame envelope is in place, no further load bearing walls are required. This results in an interior space requiring no internal load bearing walls, freeing-up space to divide exactly as needed, both in plan and elevation.
Building applications
There's no limit to the number of applications for an oak framed building. Here are just a few examples of our commercial buildings:
• Garden centres
• Swimming pools
• Farm shops and cafes
• Information centres
• Museums
• Gold club houses
• Office complexes