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Green Oak

The superb quality and grading of our structural green oak lintels, beams and posts
is a product of careful timber sourcing, manufacture and sawmill facilities.
Construction Grade Green Oak Traditional Green Oak Beams
Green oak beams cut from joinery/beam grade
logs, milled to the highest standards. More>>
Traditional curved oak beams for supply to the timber frame industry. More>>
Green construction oak
Green oak is an ideal material for timber frame construction. The term 'green' means that it is unseasoned - recently felled and still relatively moist. This makes it easier to cut into complex shapes than air- or kiln-dried oak.

Once constructed, an oak timber frame will dry out and shrink, making the joints tighten up to create a structurally sound frame. 5-sided oak pegs are used at the joints which are designed to be hammered in as the posts and beams shrink over time.

Green oak is a renewable resource, and is used in it's raw state, without industrial processes altering it, its inherent natural beauty will last.

An oak frame will last hundreds of years and hence outlive the time the oak has taken to grow.

Compared with other building components timber scores very highly due to the minimal embodied energy in preparing the material for use in construction.

Douglas Fir Construction Beams
Orlestone Oak can now supply construction beams manufactured from Douglas Fir as an economical alternative to Oak.
Douglas Fir is recognised for its strength and ability to take heavy loads and is an excellent choice of timber for frame construction.
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Douglas fir construction beams
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