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Kiln Dried Oak

Our kiln-dried oak is dried in a controlled environment until the correct moisture content is obtained, which reduces cracks and shrinkage in the final product.
Square Edged Boards Through & through joinery boards Kild dried square blanks
Oak joinery boards Hollowed oak sections
For flooring, doors and shelving.
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For furniture making and joinery.
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For staircases and table legs.
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Kiln-drying process
Kiln-drying removes excess moisture from the oak over a period of time, producing a uniform level of moisture throughout the timber. This helps prevent movement and shrinkage of the oak when used in its final form, making it ideal for joinery products, flooring, windows and doors. Depending on the thickness and cut of the oak, the process starts with air-drying for 6 to 24 months. The timber is then kiln-dried for a period from 6 weeks to 8 months.
We supply our kiln-dried oak as either planks, boards, beams or hollowed out sections.
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