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Reclaimed Oak Beams

Orlestone Oak hold one of the largest stocks of reclaimed and air dried oak beams in the south east of England.
They are salvaged from a variety of buildings that are being demolished - old houses, farm buildings, barns - in the UK and France.
Reclaimed oak beams offer good stability and are suitable for all kinds of interior construction, period restoration, barn conversions and decorative uses.
Applications of reclaimed oak beams
Our reclaimed oak beams are suitable for:
interior construction where optimum stability is required
period restoration when authentic materials are preferred
barn conversions where original beams need to be matched
decorative uses such as oak fireplace mantels >
Reclaimed oak beams were used to refurbish a timber framed barn. The reclaimed oak beams fitted in well with the remaining beams.
We have a constantly changing stock of reclaimed oak beams in a vast variety of shapes and sizes. If you wish to see our current stock please contact us so we can arrange a convenient time for you to visit. Alternatively, if you let us know your requirements we can email you images of stock that we think may be suitable for you purpose.

Reclaimed oak beams have the following advantages:

They have been naturally air-dried in their previous use making them very stable and less prone to movement.
They will show signs of their age (some of our beams are 300-500 years old) and will have developed individual characteristics including knots, knarls, cracks and natural twists, curves and bows.Some may show signs of their previous use, such as nail and mortice holes.
The colour of the beams will be fully-developed to a highly desirable tone.
They are perfect for use alongside existing aged oak beams, for renovations, repairs and building extensions
Our reclaimed oak beams can be de-nailed and cleaned up before sale by getting rid of any decaying timber and removing layers of paint with a high-pressure jet wash. The cleaning process does not produce a smooth finish, but keeps the original characteristics of the beam.

We can soften the edges of a chosen beam by chamfering any square edges or we can scallop the edges to add further characteristics. We can also provide anti-infestation treatment, shot-blasting, sanding, waxing, oiling and polishing.

Beams can be supplied uncut, or can be machined to your specifications. We can also remove the centre core of a beam for use as RSJ covers.

Softening edges. Scalloping.
High pressure cleaning. Cutting to size.
Bespoke service
Orlestone Oak are able to provide beams cut to your dimensions and joint and detailing specification.
Please phone or e-mail for a quote.

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