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Kiln Dried Waney Edged/Through and Through Oak Timber

Oak Sawn Timber Planks - Various Thicknesses
Oak Rough Sawn Timber planks are produced at the Orlestone Oak mill from our prime/joinery grade oak. It is ideal for joinery and furniture making where longer and wider widths are needed.
Board thicknesses:
27mm, 34mm, 41mm, 54mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm.
Board widths: from 440mm and wider
Board lengths: 3 m to 6.5m
Through and through boards are supplied in a sawn state or can be milled and machined to your specifications.
A wide selection of sizes are always in stock. Some sizes may need to be pre-ordered.
Due to the long lengths of this timber, some holes and hearts may be present.
Waney Edged
Orlestone Oak rough sawn timber is supplied as waney edged i.e. bark on both plank edges, as standard.
One Edge Squared
We can also supply planks with one planed square edge with bark removed, and the other side waney edged with bark left on.
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