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Premium Kiln Dried Oak Logs in Canterbury

For over six decades, we have been producing high-quality oak firewood in Kent.

Throughout this time, our range has evolved and grown, allowing us to offer a comprehensive selection for both domestic and commercial customers. Our standard supply is kiln-dried firewood, a product that boasts many advantages over its seasoned counterpart. Notably, it burns hotter, cleaner, and is approximately 40% more efficient than seasoned wood, making it ideal for long-time wood burning.

The moisture content of our logs is meticulously monitored and maintained at less than 20% – the optimal level for burning. This is achieved through our kiln drying process, which, within only 30 hours at 260 degrees, reduces the wood’s moisture content to below the crucial 20% threshold.

Experience the warmth and efficiency of our Premium Kiln Dried Oak Logs. Perfect for those cozy nights in or for outdoor gatherings. Don’t wait, order now and elevate your heating experience!

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High Quality, Eco-Friendly Firewood for Long-lasting Warmth

What sets our logs apart from the rest is that they originate from our sawmill production, meaning they come from larger, more mature trees, resulting in denser timber. This not only enhances their burning properties but also contributes to their eco-friendliness, as they are produced from scratch right here in Kent.

Moreover, we use a biomass boiler that is fueled with our sawdust to operate the kilns that dry the logs. This method not only provides superior kiln dried hardwood for your open fire, but it also helps us to further reduce our environmental impact by efficiently recycling our waste products.

In conclusion, our kiln dried oak logs are not just a high-quality choice for your firewood needs, but also an environmentally responsible one. With our long history in the business and commitment to sustainable practices, we are confident that our firewood will provide you with the warm, comforting fires you desire.

Types of Firewood available

Kiln-dried logs produce 40% more heat per kilogram compared to seasoned logs.
Kiln-dried logs offer a cleaner burn resulting in a more environmentally safe product.
Kiln-dried logs are free of bugs and mould, and safer to store indoors.

All of our wood is 100% oak due to that being all we produce in the sawmill – we are the only company we know of in the country that does this.

Oak is denser than most other hardwoods resulting in a lovely burn generating more heat compared to all other hardwoods and softwoods.

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