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Transform Your Property with Premium Oak Cladding

Enhance the aesthetic appeal and insulation of your property with our premium Oak Cladding, a first-class choice for finishing the external walls of both residential and commercial buildings. Highly regarded for its visually attractive appearance and outstanding durability, oak cladding emerges as a preferred selection amongst homeowners, architects, and tradespeople alike. Its capability to seamlessly integrate traditional charm with contemporary sophistication makes it an unparalleled option for altering the facade of any building.

Explore the Rich Array of Oak Cladding Options

Proudly situated in the heart of Kent, we take pride in producing our oak cladding from scratch—directly from freshly sawn timber. This hands-on approach guarantees that each piece of cladding adheres to our stringent

standards, offering extensive lengths and bespoke specifications tailored to our clients’ distinct requirements. Whether you’re envisaging a custom design or seeking something from our comprehensive portfolio, we are equipped to match and create unique cladding profiles to realise your vision.

Our collection spans an extensive variety of cladding options, meticulously designed to accommodate diverse aesthetic tastes and architectural styles. For those drawn towards a classic aesthetic, our traditional cladding range includes sought-after profiles such as feather edge, waney edge, square, and slab wood cladding—ideal for external cladding applications that evoke a sense of timeless elegance.

Conversely, our modern cladding assortment showcases cutting-edge profiles including shiplap, rainscreen, T+G+V, square, and half lap. These contemporary options are perfect for property owners aiming to achieve a sleek, modern facade. Regardless of your selection, our oak cladding sections can be installed both horizontally and vertically, offering flexible installation possibilities to meet any design requirement.

Oak cladding is not merely a choice—it’s an investment in the longevity and beauty of your property. Its unparalleled durability ensures that your exterior remains stunning and well-protected against the elements, year after year. Whether installed horizontally or vertically, our cladding sections promise a seamless installation process, resulting in a flawless finish that endures the test of time.

Embrace the natural beauty and lasting strength of oak with our bespoke cladding solutions. Ideal for external cladding applications, our oak cladding boards offer a splendid fusion of tradition and innovation, making them a superior choice for discerning clients. Discover how our oak cladding can transform your property today.

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