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At Orlestone Oak, we have over 60 years worth of experience milling timber specializing in Green oak beams. Throughout this period, we have developed a variety of industry contacts, gained a wealth of knowledge and information and finely tuned our skills and experience. 

We cut all of our timber beams in Kent, meaning we maintain complete control of all of our timber leaving our mill. We handpick our tree suppliers so that we can select only the finest quality trees from sources that are sustainable. Our trees  come from the United Kingdom and France we make regular trips to inspect the timber with the suppliers. We supply both trade and public throughout the United Kingdom for all purposes including Oak framed houses and buildings , landscaping  , nautical use and many more. 

Our Process

Our Beams

We offer five different types of beams here at Orlestone Oak. They include:

Green Oak Beams – Grown throughout the UK and mainland Europe, European Oak is a staple building material and is known for having many uses and being incredibly strong. If you’re searching for green oak beams Kent, then Orlestone Oak has you covered. 

Air Dried Oak Beams – Some areas of construction will require air dried oak beams as opposed to green oak beams. Green oak can warp, twist and shrink over the course of a few years, while air dried oak beams tend to not do this. They are ideal for floor joists.

Our air dried beams are dried using sticks of timber placed between the beams to allow air to pass though. Beams are then left for as long as they need to dry.

Larch Beams – Larch beams, taken from the European Larch, have been long established here in the United Kingdom. They are often ideal for construction, decking, flooring and even furniture. Larch beams are steadily becoming a popular choice of beams throughout the United Kingdom. 

Douglas Fir Beams – Douglas Fir beams are often the go to type of timber if you’re searching for a softwood species. Often containing exquisite grain with hints of red throughout, this beautiful wood looks simply fantastic. Not to mention, we can produce considerably larger sized beams with Douglas Fir trees.

Sleepers Beams – We provide a range of different sleepers, such as douglas fir, larch and freshly sawn oak. Sleeper beams can be used for a wide variety of projects.

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If you need advice or information about any of our beams, then contact us today or call 01233 732179 and our team will be happy to help.

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