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Please note we no longer offer bags so the options would be between 3m3 tipper load and 6m3 tipper load.We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our firewood and use 100% oak. Our firewood logs are sawn and seasoned or kiln-dried at our own Orlestone Oak Sawmill near Ashford in Kent, from European Oak sourced from sustainable forests. It is best to get the logs in the summer months to allow extra drying time in your store and avoid waiting times during the busy period. Purchasing them in the summer also mean they arrive dry. Oak firewood is one of the longest burning hardwoods. It emits little smoke or sparks and can be used on open fires or in enclosed wood burners. Unlike most other fire wood productions ours only come from large trees. This means using the larger trees the timber is more dense and therefore has a longer burn time. Our production comes solely from the outer cuts from our sawmill we then season them naturally for between 18 months and 2 years and on request can kiln dry it. We offer 2 types of firewood our standard firewood that is larger sections as pictured in the photos. The other type we offer is the oak offcuts these are smaller sections from the second cut of the tree and generally range from 20mm to 60mm in thickness and around 8″ wide.

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