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We have been producing oak firewood in Kent for over 6 decades. During this time our range has changed and developed and now we produce a comprehensive range for both domestic and commercial customers. We supply as standard Kiln dried firewood as it has many benefits over seasoned it burns hotter , cleaner and is around 40% more efficient than seasoned.

Our logs are different to most as they come from our sawmill production this means they are from much larger and more mature tree’s resulting in a denser timber. This also makes them extremely eco friendly as they are produced from scratch in Kent. We use a biomass boiler that is fed with our sawdust to run the kilns that dry the logs helping to further contribute to the low impact on the environment.



  • Burn Kiln dried logs to avoid buying water
  • Family run company
  • established for over 6 decades
  • Sustainable sourced Oak


  • High calorific value
  • Longest burn time
  • Clean burning
  • Environmentally friendly

Benefits of Kiln dried oak

Types of Firewood available

  • Kiln-dried logs produce 40% more heat per kilogram compared to seasoned logs.
  • Kiln-dried logs offer a cleaner burn resulting in a more environmentally safe product.
  • Kiln-dried logs are free of bugs and mould, and safer to store indoors.
  • All of our wood is 100% oak due to that being all we produce in the sawmill – we are the only company we know of in the country that does this.
  • Oak is denser than most other hardwoods¬† resulting in a lovely burn generating more heat compared to all other hardwoods and softwoods.

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