Quercus Robur – European Oak

European oak or Quercus Robur has grown around the British Isles and throughout Continental Europe for thousands of years. It has long been a vital building material with countless uses not least of which as construction beams,  weatherboarding and cladding.

Orlestone oak have been milling oak for between 50 and 60 years and when sourcing our oak, we are very particular on the trees we will take in their raw form, this allows us to ensure consistent quality throughout our product range. We only use timber from sustainable sources and work closely with the forest owners in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe to ensure we know where our trees are sourced.

Green oak is the leading choice for many due to its extremely robust nature and durably qualities. It is also very appealing to many because of its timeless silver colour it will weather down too, this look can be seen throughout the U.K in some of its finest landmarks and heritage sites.


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