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Pseudotsuga Menziesii – Douglas Fir

Fresh sawn Douglas fir beams are considered to be the flagship timber for home-grown softwood species. It has beautiful grain and the brown heartwood with hints of red coupled with creamy coloured sap wood looks fantastic. growing to a impressive 40 meters in height these trees boast massive beam sizes when milled.

We source all our Douglas fir from the U.K taking loads of large trees and milling them to order producing beams up to 13m in lengths. Douglas fir is a favourite of timber framers due to its amazing strength to weight ratio it is around 30% lighter than oak so easier to assemble on site and work with when producing a frame.

Douglas fir beams are naturally very resistant to decay, rot and bugs this is because of its naturally high resin content. It does not require any treatment if exposed to the weather but will slowly turn a pale silver grey colour as the rain and sun take their toll.


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