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Larix europaea – European Larch

European Larch introduced in the U.K around the 17th century and has since been a popular choice for an array of uses such as, Beams for construction, Furniture, Flooring and Decking.

Larch beams are becoming more and more popular and being used on more sites across the U.K as it grows in popularity. Larch trees are available from well managed U.K sources Orlestone Oak work closely with forest owners and management to have a good supply with consistency on size and quality.

Fresh sawn Larch beams boast a light red colour with clear striking grain pattern, as it dried it becomes more of a reddish brown and as with all timber if exposed to the elements will eventually turn a silver grey. Larch timber is a naturally resinous giving it great durability and able to with stand all the weather can throw at it. It requires no treatment left outside and will last a long time exposed to water.

Larch will grow tall and straight allowing us to produce some very large beams lengths up to 13m and at 300×300 are not uncommon. We cut all our beams to order so if you need something outside the ordinary please ask and we will let you know what we can do.


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