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Sawn finish solid oak flooring

May 23rd, 2019

We supply a verity of solid and engineered oak flooring including an array of widths , finishes and colours. Sometimes though we get asked for something a little different.The photos below are from a trendy new office space based in Hackney , London. Although the project is still on going we where allowed access to photograph the flooring supplied and will return when everything is done to get the full picture. The product we supplied was a mixed width sawn finish solid oak floor, We supplied it in its rawest form it has had no machining or finishing in anyway. I think it is fair to say I did not know what to expect when travelling to see the project. Upon arriving I quickly realized the vision the client had in mind and how perfectly it has been executed.  For me it was like stepping back in time and walking into an industrial area. This style of flooring truly celebrates everything to do with the oak. It shows the grain, knots , texture and hard wearing nature of the oak. You can see from some of the images a couple of squares laid out on the floor beneath these are rain water collection tanks to help the building be more environmentally friendly. You can see more of our finishes and option flooring by clicking

Keep an eye on the news feed over the next few weeks as there will be an updated post showing the finished project.

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